Cute Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Printable

Maybe you are already familiar with the same. also known as Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon is the work of Naoko Takeuchi.

The story tells about a group of middle school girls with super powers from the elements of nature and the solar system. They are tasked with fighting crime.

After publishing in 1991, the manga was picked up a year later. Since then, Sailor Moon has attracted the attention of many people.

Tells the story of a heroic 5 girls by using the superpowers of the elements of nature and the solar system against various forms of enemies from darkness. Sailor moon has a mission to find the moon princess and the Silver Crystal.

A girl dressed as a sailor chases a man in a tuxedo and wearing a mask. The two of them fought to find the Silver Crystal which was not in the hands of the young man.

Usagi who is inspired by the heroism of Sailor-V, intends to become a hero like his hero. This came true when he met a talking cat named Luna and made Usagi turn into Sailor Moon.

The struggle against the evil forces is not alone, Usagi slowly finds new friends who also include the Moon royal guard. At first Sailor Moon had four friends including Sailor-V who turned out to be Sailor Venus, the head of the royal guard. Slowly as the story progresses, he meets another “Sailor” until he meets his future son, Chibiusa.

After various battles to awaken their star power, Sailor Moon meets a “Sailor” from another galaxy.

Almost all the enemies that are fought are based on the name of the moon such as Half Moon, Dark Moon, Death Moon, and so on. The enemies that the “Sailor” army fought against were from all the evil forces that were after the Silver Crystal, which supposedly possessed infinite power.