Curious George Coloring Pages Printable

The TV series Curious George is an adaptation of the storybook of the same name. However, there is nothing different between the two in terms of the story and the moral side. Curious George tells the story of a monkey who lives with a man in a yellow hat. They live together and have lots of interesting stories.

In one of the chapters, Curious George, who was in the library, talked about how George was curious how there could be so many books in one big building.

George wants to help the librarian to make it easier for people to find his books, but he gets confused by arranging the books by color and size. But from there he knows that books are organized by subject.

George has a high curiosity, he is often curious about the pigeons that often stop by his house. Out of pity george allowed the bird into the house but in fact the bird could not stay in the house. After that, George went around the city looking for ideas so he could build a house for the Pigeon. George’s curiosity, led him to the adventure of how doves live well.

George often helped many people so he made many friends. Therefore once in one episode george got a lot of thank you cards. George was so happy to have it because he knew so many loved him.