Printable Clash Royale Coloring Pages

Clash Royale is a combination of a real time strategy game with a tower defense game that is limited in scale in a small arena. In this arena battle, each player has three towers they must guard: one main castle tower and two smaller towers on both sides.

As the king, your job is to duel destroying the towers with a stack of summon cards, all of which require an elixir to activate. Not only is it used to summon ground and air forces, your stack of cards can also be filled with magic spells, building structures, and very rare hero-type troop cards.

The combination of the game that was so tactical had made Clash Royale look like a strategy game that was very brilliant and also difficult to guess. Although the aim is to overthrow other players, often we can never predict the outcome of the game because of other factors that might turn things around.