Cheetah Printable Coloring Pages Free

Cheetah is one of the predatory mammals that are still in the cat family (Felidae). Other animals that belong to this family are tigers, leopards, jaguars, and also domestic cats that are widely kept at home.

Cheetahs are known as the fastest land animals on earth with speeds reaching 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds. Their habitat is in the vast grasslands of Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

The cheetah has a slim body with an ideal weight, its small head and long legs are designed for aerodynamics. Cheetahs also have a unique and flexible spine so they can run at high speeds.

If the cheetah walks slowly, the dynamics of its spine is more flexible and easy to detect. When walking slowly, only one foot touches the ground, and the cheetah’s gaze is also focused on defeating the prey.

Despite having a light body and blunt claws, the cheetah’s strength is not as aggressive as other predators such as lions or leopards. When faced with an enemy, the cheetah will use its self-defense by flying rather than fighting.

They have long legs, long spines, claws that can be used to grip the ground and long tails to keep their bodies balanced. Cheetahs are carnivorous animals that eat rabbits, wild boars, antelope, and birds.

Cheetahs will avoid competition from powerful predators such as lions and leopards. Cheetahs have limitations in pursuing their prey. Because these animals run at very fast speeds, usually cheetahs can only chase their prey as far as 200-300 meters.

These animals are usually found living in groups consisting of the mother and her cubs or a group of male cheetahs living and hunting together.