Printable Cat Coloring Pages For Kids

Cats are one of the most popular favorite pets. Many people who are enthusiastic about keeping cats even have more than one at home. This is not surprising because this furry animal has a cute and adorable face.

In addition to having an adorable behavior, cats are mammals that are often the pets of many families in the world. Pets like cats can indeed make your days colorful. Even some people believe that cats are animals that can relieve stress or reduce tension after doing work.

There are several types of cats that are kept by animal lovers, namely domestic cats and purebred cats. Race cats are animals whose lineages are officially recorded, such as Angora, Siamese, Persian, Manx, Sphynx, Bengal, and Mainecoon.

The cat usually breeds in an official animal husbandry. Worldwide, the number of purebred cats is only 1%. While the rest are cats with mixed breeds, such as wild cats or domestic cats.

Cats are often referred to as lazy pets. You must have seen him sleeping more than playing, right? Yes, cats can actually spend only 15-20 hours of sleep per day.

Why do cats spend 70% of their lives just sleeping? Cats as small predatory animals that live among humans need more energy to hunt. Sleep is one way for cats to store energy.