Cake Coloring Pages Printable

Cake is a sweet food made from the main ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs and margarine.

Cake developments began to vary greatly in the 19th century since the discovery of Baking Powder as a cake developer (leavening agent) so that we can recognize cakes as we eat today, with the addition of icing sugar as a topping or the use of butter cream as a decoration or filling.

The term cake, which was previously known as a food that has a shape like bread with the addition of honey as a sweetener, became very diverse after the cake developer was found. In various European countries, the history of cake is known to be very diverse.

Judging from the use of the main ingredients, namely wheat flour, sugar, eggs, and margarine in a ratio of 1:1:1:1, it is known as the term pound cake which developed in the United Kingdom.

The presentation of the pound cake form is usually using a loaf pan or in the form of a “bundt” with a hole in the middle with a sprinkling of icing sugar.