Butterfly Coloring Pages Printable

Butterflies are insects that have beautiful and colorful wings. Butterflies are also often found in gardens and perch on flowers. This insect is active during the day. Behind the beauty of butterfly wings, there is a process of butterflies developing from an unattractive form. This process of change is known as butterfly metamorphosis.

These beautiful winged insects are known to be more active during the day (diurnal), they are rarely found at night. Because of its diurnal nature, butterflies are classified into the suborder Rhopalocera. Butterflies themselves have many kinds and types.

Butterflies need an ideal body temperature of around 30ºC to fly. Since they are cold blooded animals, they cannot control their own body temperature. The temperature of the air around them had a huge impact on their body’s ability to function.

If the air temperature falls below 13ºC, the butterfly can’t move, it can’t escape from predators either. When the air temperature ranges from 28º-38ºC, butterflies can fly easily.

Adult butterflies eat only liquids, usually nectar. Their mouthparts are modified to be able to drink, but they are unable to chew solid food.

A proboscis, which functions as a drinking straw, is coiled under the butterfly’s chin until it finds a source of nectar, or other liquid nutrition. It will then stretch out the tubular structure to suck in its food.