Printable Bear Coloring Pages

Bears are one of the most famous types of carnivores in the world. The most distinctive of them of course is its large size. They are also known to be strong and fierce, but their babies have a cute appearance and are loved by many. The number of bear species currently available is eight species.

Male polar bears weigh twice as much as females, while males in smaller bear species weigh about as much as females. The life span of a bear is about 25 to 40 years.

Some bear species, such as the Polar Bear, American Black Bear, Sloth Bear, and Brown Bear, are dangerous to humans, especially in areas where they have become habituated to people.

Bears may look like fat and slow animals. But make no mistake, they can actually run faster than humans. The grizzly bear, aka a subspecies of the brown bear, can run at speeds up to 56 km per hour.

Four palms with various functions. Each palm is equipped with five sharp and long claws. The hooves can be used to climb trees, tear up termite and bee nests, dig for roots, or catch prey, depending on the species.