Batman Coloring Pages Printable

The most popular superhero from DC has managed to get attention since his first appearance in 1939. As a billionaire, Bruce Wayne is also known as a philanthropist. However, when night falls, he transforms into a cloaked hero who fights crime in Gotham City.

Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman, previously played by Christian Bale, is now played by Ben Affleck. However, after Affleck stepped down from the role of Batman, the position of Dark Knight will now be continued by Robert Pattinson.

Eradicate crime in Gotham City as Batman in Gotham City, assisted by the loyal Servant (Alfred Pennyworth) and his partner Robin.

Bruce Wayne’s own character is a generous man who likes to spend money. But behind it all he keeps a sense of trauma and loneliness since his parents were killed.

In several editions of his comics when Bruce Wayne acts as Batman, he has a cold personality and seems to be vigilant against his enemies, although not to the point of killing. In the next issue, Batman helps the Gotham police to catch the criminals he faces.

Unlike most other superheroes, Batman doesn’t actually have superhuman abilities like Superman. But he has intelligence, science, technology, wealth, physical strength, and the will to fight evil.

In the comics, Batman is considered one of the greatest detectives in the world. Despite not having super powers, Batman is at the peak of human physical strength which he achieved through intensive training.